Bootstrap Part 1

Tue, Feb 27, 2018
Design a mockup of a pretend story using the infomation given in class.

Tutorial coming.

Relative vs Absolute Paths

A path is the location of files that pertain to your web page. We often list paths in attributes like href="" or src="". How you write your path, particularly the characters you use to start the path, determine where the browser will look for the files.

Paths take the following forms:

  • URL paths — These are paths that use a protocol to retrieve content out on the web, perhaps another server.
  • Relative paths — These are paths that start from the current file’s location, and you either work your way up or down the document tree.
  • Absolute paths — These are paths that always start from the root folder of a website, regardless of where your file is.

Example of folder structure

URL Paths

These start with a protocol, like http: or https:. These will go out onto the web and fetch a web page somewhere based on the URL given. Everything after that is an absolute path.